Demandan mejores prácticas y mayor participación a la Junta Directiva del Fondo Verde Climático

Centro Humboldt y 70 organizaciones de la sociedad civil demandan mejores prácticas y mayor participación a la Junta Directiva del Fondo Verde Climático.

Co-Chairs and members of the Board of the Green Climate Fund Via GCF Interim Secretariat -March 12, 2013

Dear Co-Chairs and members of the Board,

We, the undersigned organizations from developing and developed countries, wish to express our concern about the current practices and proposed rules for civil society participation in the Green Climate Fund. We urge the Board to adopt permanent observer and stakeholder accreditation and participation procedures to enable members of civil society to be effective advocates for the Fund.

The active and engaged participation of civil society at the Board and country level is essential for creating an effective, equitable and environmentally sound Fund that can be responsive to the differentiated needs of men and women, minorities and indigenous peoples increasingly impacted by climate change.

When civil society organizations (CSO) are engaged in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programs and projects, it is more likely that these will meet local needs, respond to current conditions and accomplish the Fund’s objectives. In addition, civil society organizations can serve as advocates for multilateral climate finance in their countries, and are critical for shaping positive public opinion of and national support for the Green Climate Fund.

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abril 11, 2013

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